Theodore Fox

An independent legend trying to quietly leave the stage


Theodore Fox


Agility d6; Strength d6, Vitality d8, Alertness d8, Intelligence d8, Willpower d12

Life Points 20; Initiative d6 + d8


The Fox knows how to lead a crew after being a Captain several times (Leadership; Major Asset)

Having been a privateer has made him a great strategist (Talented: Perception/Tactics; Major)

Used to serve in the Independent Army under the General of Hera (Military Rank; Minor)


The Fox has taken 46 ships without a single loss of life (Credo: Spare Innocents; Minor)

The Fox doesn’t beat around the bush; he tells it straight up(Straight Shooter; Minor)

The Fox’s style of clothing and personality make him noticeable (Memorable; Minor)

The Alliance isn’t the Fox’s biggest friend…. (Branded: Black Fox; Major)


Animal Handling d4

Athletics d6

Dodge d8

Covert d4

Discipline d6

Mental Resistance d8

Guns d4

Influence d6

Leadership d10

Knowledge d4

Mechanical Engineering d2

Perception d6/ Tactics d12

Piloting d4

Survival d4

Technical Engineering d2

Unarmed Combat d6/Brawling d8


Dashing, intelligent, and confidence building, Fox is the quintessential example of a natural born leader. Initially a simple freighter captain who tried very hard to stay out of the war he could see brewing years ahead of others who became a fairly successful rancher.

He was specifically recruited as a privateer and succeeded beyond expectation in that role. Forty-six ships captured and not a single life lost in the process. His prizes added almost three dozen ships to the Independent’s ad hoc merchant fleet and when the war was over, left him branded as either a brilliant swashbuckling hero or a blatant traitor.

Fox would like nothing more than to be able to sink out of sight and leave any and all limelight behind him. However, his notoriety has made it abundantly clear that he will not be able to find anything like a normal life again.

The Fox Brandishing His Pistol

Theodore Fox

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