Molly Sullivan

NPC. Daughter of Patrick. Pilot of Nausicaa



Life on the ship has allowed her to pilot Nausicaa very well (Born Behind The Wheel; Minor)

Molly has spent her entire life on ships and knows them well (Born In The Black; Major)

Molly have a strange knack for knowing what people are thinking. (Reader; Minor)

(Nose for trouble. Minor)


Molly has a younger brother, Paul, age 11. (Family ties; Major)

Molly always sees the best in the world. (Idealist; Minor)

Molly hasn’t had much experience with other people due to life on a ship (Shy; Minor)

Molly has a very curious nature and constantly looks in on thing (Nosy; Minor)

Moly believes several unussual things. (Superstisious; Minor)

(Kahn complex minor)

Agility D10
Strength D6
Vitality D6
Alertness D10
Intelligence D8
Willpower D6


Artisry D4

Athletics D6

Covert D6

influence D2

Drive D4

Gun D4

Mechanic D4

Perception D6

Pilot D6/ Midbulk Transports D12/ Astrogation D8

Technical D4

knowledge D4

Unarmed D2

Advancement points: 2 Spent:0 Total: 2

Picture of Molly


Born on Content Not Found: Nausicaa, life in the Black is all Molly has ever known. She’s curious and friendly though a life only interacting with the same few people has left her a bit confused as to how to talk to new ones.

Molly Sullivan

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