Patrick Sullivan

Crew member and NPC: Served on Nausicaa with family prior to game. Serves as the ships medic



Patrick knows less than reputable people that are willing to help (Friends In Low Places; Minor)

Let us just say you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his fists (Mean Left Hook; Minor)

Patrick is an expert at diagnosing and curing diseases (Sawbones; Minor)

Patrick’s wife owns a junkyard (Hideout (Wife’s Family Junkyard on Beylix); Major)


Many say Patrick has anger issues, none would say that to him (Chip On The Shoulder; Minor)

Patrick looks after his own (Loyal (Molly); Minor)

Patrick doesn’t like the attitudes of those living on land (Prejudice (Land Lubbers); Minor)

Patrick can’t help but point out flaws (Wisecracker; Minor)

Patrick’s been around the ‘Verse a few times and is slightly paranoid (Superstitious; Minor)


Agility: D6 Strength: D8 Vitality: D6 Alertness: D6 Intelligence: D8 Willpower: D8


Athletics: D6

Unarmed: D6/ Brawling: D8

Medical Expertise: D6/ Diagnostics D10/ General practice D10/ first aid D10/surgery D10

Guns: D6/ shotgun D8

Knowledge: D6

Perception D6

Influence D4

Discipline D4

Scientific expertise D6

Peformance D2

Advancement points: 2 Spent:0 Total: 2


Patrick has been flying the ‘Verse most of his life. ever since he was a teenager. Life on the rim has left him hard-headed, hot-headed, and with little tolerance for fools or dandys. He’s good at his job at expects the same of others. He lost his wife during the unification war, not to violence but to disease, and gave the independent cause a son and has been over-protective of Molly ever since.

Patrick Sullivan

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